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⚡ Qunol CoQ10 Product Guide

Why does absorption matter?

If you are not truly absorbing your CoQ10 supplement, you may not be able to experience its potential benefits. Regular CoQ10, typically found in most powder-filled capsules and softgels, struggles with absorption because of its large molecule size a

Where can I purchase Qunol CoQ10?

Qunol can be found in many food, drug, mass and club retailers, as well as online and Qunol.com

What is the difference between Qunol Ultra and Qunol Mega CoQ10?

Our Qunol Ultra contains CoQ10 in the form of ubiquinone. Our Qunol Mega contains CoQ10 in the form of ubiquinol. Your body utilizes both forms of CoQ10 and is constantly converting between ubiquinone and ubiquinol depending on its current need. Ubiq

What is the source of gelatin in the softgel?

The softgels we use for our Qunol products are made with bovine (beef) gelatin.

What is the size of the softgels?

Our Qunol softgels are 1 inch (23 centimeters) long.

Why is the Qunol Ultra and Mega softgel red?

The softgel is red because it contains a natural dye derived from the annatto seed plant.

Where is Qunol manufactured?

Qunol is manufactured in the United States.

I tried to dissolve my Qunol CoQ10 softgel in water but it did not dissolve. Why?

The Qunol CoQ10 water dissolution claim only applies to the contents of the capsule, not the capsule itself. The capsule is specially designed to pass through our stomach and dissolve in our intestines, releasing the contents into our intestines wher

Can I refirdgerate my liquid CoQ10?

Qunol Liquid is best when refrigerated, but you should not freeze it. You can keep it in the door of your refrigerator to prevent freezing.

Can I take Qunol after the expiration date?

We do not recommend that you take expired Qunol products.

I cannot swallow pills. Which form of Qunol CoQ10 is right for me?

We recommend that you look into our Qunol Liquid CoQ10. It is made with a water and fat-soluble form of CoQ10 for superior absorption and overcomes the issue of swallowing pills.