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I tried to dissolve my Qunol CoQ10 softgel in water but it did not dissolve. Why?Updated a year ago

The Qunol CoQ10 water dissolution claim only applies to the contents of the capsule, not the capsule itself. The capsule is specially designed to pass through our stomach and dissolve in our intestines, releasing the contents into our intestines where they can be absorbed.

If you want to test the water solubility of the contents of a Qunol CoQ10 softgel capsule, you can try this experiment at home:

1. Fill a clear glass with 8oz of warm water and 2 teaspoons of white vinegar

2. Take a Qunol CoQ10 softgel and puncture it or cut off the very top with scissors

3.Pour the contents of the Qunol softgel into the glass of water and stir with a spoon

4.Feel free to repeat this experiment with other store bought brands of CoQ10 to see the difference! Since Qunol is the only water-soluble brand of CoQ10 available in stores, you will find that other brands form a clump and do not dissolve in water.

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